By Revi
A description will be here soon! As long is it is not here you will have to find out yourself what this robot does!
(Building instructions can be found below.)
Building instructions!
Click the picture for detailed step-by-step instructions. Use the 'Next' button to proceed to the next steps. 
Here are some hints from the builder of this robot:
If there is an 'orange box' around a picture, this means that this is another view from the last step.
Wires are tricky! Experiment, especially with the light sensor.
The axles and the pin with tow balls on the light sensor module are supposed to make the gearing more stables.
This is done using a rubber band, which is the only component of this robot that does not come with the NXT 8527 set.
Follow the instructions carefully. You can always send your questions or comments to: 
[A program will be uploaded as soon as possible]