Support Gunner
By Maniac
The word �LEGO� comes from the Danish words: Leg Godt. It translates into English as play well, and that is what this robot is for.
Instead of doing some useful action, this robot is purely for fun! Once you�ve built this robot, try setting up some mini-figures to shoot down.
Or, you could rebuild it entirely and create a robot that can drive around! With LEGO bricks, the possibilities are endless,
and this robot is no exception. Don�t just build what I did, invent your own! Leg Godt!

Building (and programming) instructions!
Click the picture for detailed step-by-step instructions. The instructions for this robot have been divided in four main parts:
-The base
-The Turret
-The Launcher
-The final assembly
There is an NXT-G program for this robot: (Download)
Connect the pin launching motor to port A.
Connect the motor that rotates the machine to port B.
Connect the aiming motor to port C.
Connect the ultrasonic sensor to port 4.
Connect the sound sensor to port 2.
Note: The actual launcher was designed by JoshDB, and was only slightly modified by myself.
Full credit goes to Josh for the design, and without him this robot would not be possible.
Follow the instructions carefully.