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With  NXT-G Program

Can be built from the 8527 kit

Title/ Description


Hops around your room while avoiding walls.

By Laurens

Support Gunner

When LEGO bricks meet sub-machine guns.

By Maniac

Brick Sorter

This machine sorts your LEGO'S.

By Laurens


A crawling robot.

By Revi


Requires three extra 40- tooth gears


This 4-legged robot can walk and wag its tail.

By Laurens

RCX Projects

Long before there was a Mindstorms NXT kit, there was the Mindstorms Robotic Invention System. Therefore, there are many builders that still have the old Mindstorms kit. And they deserve to get some decent instructions too.

Requires one more motor.

Includes a program made in the original Mindstorms software.


A compact printing machine.

By Spiller

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